About Us

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William on Abuot PageTable Sports Pros is your one-stop destination for everything related to table games (not the Vegas kind – the ball/puck kind!) Whether your a seasoned pro, or just getting started in your chosen table sport, our goal is to provide you with the right equipment, skills and information you need.

Why make a site about table sports though?

In an era of online gaming, social media and smartphones, there’s something¬†refreshing about table sports.

Games like ping pong, pool, snooker, table football and air hockey, amongst others, provide a physical and social satisfaction you just can’t replicate with a computer (not yet, anyway!) Even board games have a tactile component that’s missing from video games.

In other words, I love table sports – and I want to help others love them too.

The Goal of Table Sport Pros

The primary goal of Table Sport Pros is to help you gain the maximum enjoyment from your chosen game.

This is a hefty goal, which is why I’ve broken it down into categories:

  • Help you find the best equipment for your budget, level and requirements.
  • Help you improve your game regardless of your current skill level.
  • Help you learn about new games so you can try something different.

While my game of choice is ping pong, so there is likely to be a bias towards this subject in terms of content on the site, I also bring in experts in different games such as pool or foosball.

Most importantly, this site is for YOU. It wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the readers, so if you have any questions, comments or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for reading Table Sport Pros!

– William